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Clinics Cardiff

Clinics Cardiff private drug and alcohol residential rehab centreClinics Cardiff. Alcohol detox at one of our UK clinics is the 1st step towards a brand new life. Without the physical need or the mental craving to use alcohol ever again.

For many this can be an incredibly daunting step as alcohol will have been a support system for a long time. Many clients arrive knowing that they have to give up alcohol but not really wanting to. Sometimes it can take a little persuasion to help people realise that their use of alcohol has gone a too far.

Clinics Cardiff. Our therapists will help both families and clients with this. We work with an inspirational and motivational model. We encourage and support our clients, every step of the way, through this emotional and physical time. All of our clinics have structured counselling sessions to address the psychological aspects of alcohol or drug withdrawal. At the same time as the physiological aspects. Help and support is only a phone call away.

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