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Cardiff Rehab Centre for Addiction

Cardiff drug and alcohol rehab centre addiction treatment

Cardiff Rehab Centre for Addiction – Amazing offers saving you £1000’s

Cardiff Rehab Centre for Addiction. All rooms are en suite. All food provided and cook on site by two full time chefs. Together we can make your addiction to alcohol a thing of the past. You have one life, so let us make the rest of your life, the best of your life. Call us now in total confidence to discuss the best options for you or a loved one. Call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic illness. This implies that the withdrawal symptoms you eventually experience will be more uncomfortable the longer you wait to receive treatment. In order to treat the harm your addiction has created, you will also need more time spent in treatment and more skilled, intensive care. It is easier to mend the physical harm, take care of mental health concerns, and mend the relationships that addiction has destroyed the sooner you obtain treatment.

Rehab facilities

All food in included and the centre has 2 full time chefs on site. All meals are cooked fresh using local products where possible. All rooms are en-suite. Rehab facilities are staffed by skilled therapists, nurses, doctors, rehabilitation workers, and counsellors. Addicts face the risk of overdosing and bodily harm leading to early death. Those who make it through life often deal with a crippling sickness that is occasionally irreversible. Inpatient treatment facilities assist you in comprehending the reasons behind your drug use and emphasise coping mechanisms to avoid a relapse.

Does it work

I sometimes get asked this question. Does it work? The honest answer is yes, it does. But to make it work you need a few things which will really help it to work. Firstly, it is much more successful if the client wants to give up. Rather than the client has to give up due to family constraints. The second factor is the length of time to client is in treatment. If a client has had a 10 year plus addiction. You cannot expect a 10 day detox to sort them out. There is a lot involved in treating a client for addiction which is:

  • finding the underlying issues
  • restoring natural sleep patterns
  • restoring the clients appetite
  • getting through the psychological aspects of addiction
  • setting the client up with coping mechanisms

Addiction to alcohol is never a quick fix but it is easily achievable.

Our Detox Centres

Alcohol Detox UK. Are you confused because of the mass of information out there about rehab and detox centres. Well that is where we can help you. We have 5 residential rehab centres for alcohol addiction in the UK offering a collection service from anywhere in the UK. You may also be interested to know, there are no waiting lists at any of our centres.

Make it work

You don’t want to fall into the trap of spending £1000’s to find the treatment you have had, has not worked. We help hundreds of people every year with alcohol detox programs. At our alcohol clinics. They are fully equipped and to make your withdrawal from alcohol as comfortable as possible. We have a team of fully qualified nurses working around the clock to ensure a smooth detox.

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Cardiff Rehab Centre for Addiction

We have available alcohol detox clinics across the UK. With a small number of clients, ensuring the personal touch, and a very high level of care. You may not be sure about the type of alcohol treatment you need, or you maybe just be interested in learning more about the options available to you. In which case, call our Cardiff  admissions team in at alcohol detox uk today. Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

The Cardiff rehab centre is a cutting-edge detox and rehabilitation facility with 24 beds and en suite bathrooms. The majority of the people who come to us are desperate to overcome their addiction and acquire coping mechanisms. With your input, the findings of your physical examination, and the results of your psychological evaluation, we create a customised treatment plan.

We handle:

  • addiction to alcohol
  • Addiction to eating
  • Heroin dependency
  • Benzodiazepine dependency
  • lawful addiction to high
  • Sexual addiction
  • Unease
  • opiate dependency
  • Depressive States
  • Injury
  • PTSD OCD Addiction to gambling
  • Alcohol home detox

Have you considered our alcohol home detox program which can be done anywhere in the UK including Northern Ireland. Now very popular with a lot of clients. This is an easy way to detox from alcohol without having to come into a rehab centre. Talk to our Cardiff team about this option. Call Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hors)

Treatment by professional private doctors

You can choose one of our private detoxification packages at one of our clinics, and our promises to you is 24 hour clinical alcohol treatment, private rooms, specialist detox doctors, plus the most cost-effective alcohol treatment programs available in the UK. Experienced alcohol therapists and bespoke alcohol and drug treatment programs.

mending strained bonds among family members: Private treatment facilities in Cardiff and the surrounding areas know how important it is to involve your family in your care. To establish trust and address any difficulties that may lead to drug or alcohol addiction, family therapy is employed in a variety of ways, including couples therapy and multidimensional family therapy.

Holistic therapies: Alternative and holistic therapies are available to supplement conventional therapeutic approaches, owing to advancements in addiction research. Most of these programs, which lessen drug cravings, ensure your comfort throughout treatment, and teach you long-term strategies to lead a healthy life after treatment, are available to you at a private rehab.

All the bedrooms at The Cardiff Rehab Centre are en-suite , creating a soothing atmosphere.

Latest statistics – Cardiff Rehab Centre for Addiction

The latest statistics from our alcohol detox centres are as follows. 85% Long Term Success, 83% in gainful employment or educational training, 80% report significant or restored family networks. You can call our team now. Tel: 07811 606 606.

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